The importance of a pedicure.

Most people love to have their feet “done”, by them self or by a professional.

A good pedicure is nice, relaxing and rejuvenating,  and helps with your total foot care.

Some people like to do it them self because they can and enjoy doing it, or they don’t want to spend the money for what ever reason. And some feel ashamed or awkward when somebody touch their feet. Or feel even unsafe when it happens in a not sanitized, disinfected and sterilized environment. There is nothing wrong with all these reasons or what ever the motivation is to do your foot care your self.

However their are some other aspects everybody should consider for getting a pedicure.

  • when you have any health issues like, diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, etc…..
  • when you don’t enjoy doing it your self
  • when you have any foot pains very dried out feet etc
  • when you getting older and you are not flexible enough to reach to your feet
  • when you don’t or cannot “see” good enough anymore to discover any discoloring of nails, splinters, fissures and other abnormalities on your feet.
  • this is the best one….when you like to get a pedicure!

What ever your reason is, you should check your feet on a regular base, like monthly.

Visiting a professional means you get all the benefits of a person who went the extra mile in providing a pedicure. And got the skills and the education to make your foot care complete. Besides of being pampered, the service can also avoid or discover future problems. Recognize when it is necessary to visit a podiatrist or your physician and refer you when needed. It can help you preventing of problems getting worse.

Of course this is playing the “Debbie Downer” here. And this are worse case scenarios.


But seriously, there is nothing wrong with looking around in a salon, reviewing and asking for more information when you visit a salon or spa. And you will find out that any self respecting spa/salon employee/owner will be happy to explain and show you their precautions to work save for you and for other clients. To be a clean, sanitized and a sterilized environment were you can relax without being worried of catching a fungus or even worse an infection.

Look for implements that are packed in autoclaved pouches. Where they use the soak bowls without pipes or jet’s or even better were they do water-less/soak-less pedicures or the steam pedicures. Do the technicians glove up. How is your general impression when you walk in? Like is it clean?

There is no reason to get any problems from a good pedicure. The service should be an enjoyment and rejuvenating experience. And certainly not a rush job. A nice pedicure is about an hour of your time with a pleasant relaxing technician who takes pride in her/his job.


When you find that place and technician you will have no problems and feel happy and comfortable with somebody examining and touching your feet and doing an amazing pedicure for you!

Your feet will be for ever thankful 🙂


( Disclaimer: * English is not my mother language so excuse my errors/mistakes. If you have any foot/toe problems, always see your physician or podiatrist first )
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