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Las Vegas Medi Pedi
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 by Kathy Mitchell
What kind of service: Toenail Reconstruction

When I was hurting so badly, and others looked at me with disgust, I would try to stay covered and avoid revealing myself to anyone—-even the “professionals”! Most of them had no idea how to help me.

Then, there was the limited fashion choices. It was so hard to resist the many styles that would make it impossible for me to hide

Then, I met Trish!! You see, I’m a toe! Yes, a toe and I’m one of ten! Before Trish with her Tender Loving Care, and highly skilled professionalism, I never got to feel pretty or painfree - I never got to be in cute sandals or even go barefoot.

Now, I’m looking good and enjoying the compliments I get and all because of Trish at Las Vegas Medi Pedi.

I know she has lots of training, degrees, certificates and even served an internship with a highly respected Podiatrist, but the thing I love most is that she truly loves us and gets excited when we feel better.

Thank you for loving me,

Tootsie Toes

What kind of service: FOOT & TOE CARE


Thank you Ben, my pleasure 🙂

 by Kay P.
What kind of service: Toenail reconstruction

Verified Yelp review of Kay P.

5.0 star rating 4/27/2019

I am a type 1 Diabetic and I have had many surgeries on my right foot (including two toe amputations) I also had damage to some of my nails and i had been so self conscious about my feet i hadn't won sandals in YEARS. I decided to bite the bullet and schedule an appointment at a medical facility. Trish completely changed my life. she reconstructed two of my nails and shaped, filed and painted all of them. The outcome was more incredible than i could have ever imagined. I tried really hard to not cry in her office when she was finished. I wore open toe sandals that night for the first time in years. I feel like i regained my femininity and confidence back. HIGHLY recommend.

 by we_love_dragonball
What kind of service: info

@lasvegasmedipedi thank you, you are an amazing human being. I admire your passion for making people smile even if it’s not of your benefit 😢. If we were all like you, the world would be a better place ❤️

 by Leahatta Gano
What kind of service: Manicure

Trish insisted her services for me in getting a manicure & I considered it. I have been going to her for the last few months & I must say I LOVE IT & am VERY HAPPY with her services! So grateful for her talent & knowledge in taking care of my fingernails. It is DEFINITELY NOT the same in comparison to getting manicures else where. She is gentle & informs you when she notices something wrong with your fingernails (MEDICALLY CERTIFIED). Her room is sooo relaxing, very clean, & organized. I recommend her for any of you who are Diabetic or going through Chemo & in need of a mani/pedi tech who provides AWESOME service! If you dont feel comfortable in getting a mani/pedi with other people around I would suggest for YOU to call & make an appointment NOW! Thanks again Trish, your AWESOME! Appreciate you woman!💅👣👌

 by Suzie Stalford
What kind of service: pedicure

What a awesome pedicure! I would give Trish a million stars if I could. I was injured at a nail salon about 5 yrs ago with the tech giving me a ingrown toenail on my big toe. I’ve watched a horror story on the news a few months ago about a woman on her pre wedding day picking up a nasty virus from her nail salon where she almost lost her foot from the infection and spent her honeymoon and more in the hospital fighting for her life. Yes it happens more than you know unless it makes the news. So I quit going to nail salons. I was blessed the day I went for my first appt with my podiatrist Dr Kirk Larkin (who by the way is the most caring and knowledgeable Dr you could ever hope to have) because I got to meet Trish she has her salon within his. I had never heard of a medical pedicure before meeting her and she was kind enough to explain everything and gave me a brochure that enlightened me on the subject. She has extensive
(years) training in her field and recognizes conditions and can refer when needed your own podiatrist or Dr Larkin. I had my pedicure yesterday afternoon what a awesome experience! She is the best and not only did she make my ugly toes look beautiful she’s a miracle worker but she gives a wonderful foot massage too.. !Is it obvious how happy I am?
Thank you Trish

 by Jennifer Larkin
What kind of service: toenail reconstruction

Trish is AMAZING!!! I lost my big toe nail 3 years ago and it never fully grew back. I never felt comfortable enough to get a pedicure until I met Trish. She is a highly trained Medical Nail Technician and she was able to construct a new toe nail for me! It’s not acrylic, it’s a special flexi gel that she uses to create the toe nail. I use to feel embarrassed when I wore my sandals. I would cover my toe with a band aid but not anymore. I have had my toe nail for about 10 months now with no issues! I love it and I will continue to only see Trish for my nail care.

 by Loren & Kathy Mitchell
What kind of service: Pedicure


My husband (who NEVER had a pedicure and fought the idea of ever having one) finally succumbed to my urging and had a medically safe pedicure by Trish! She is amazing! Now, he can hardly wait to repeat this service the next time we are in Las Vegas!
Trish has a great personality, her Dutch accent is adorable and her place is spotless! Local podiatrists respect Trish’s expertise and often refer their patients to her.
I had a manicure and pedicure which included reconstruction of my big toe nails. My feet never looked so good and I felt like I was walking on air following the rejuvenating treatment. Oh, on top of all that, Trish presented us each with a container of her special cream! All I can say is WOW!!
Even though we live 4 hours away, we’ll be back and I, for one, will never allow a non-medically trained nail technician touch my nails again!

 by Judy
What kind of service: prostetic toenail.

I’m so excited to share this with you all. My toenail reconstruction is amazing.

I'm a runner and lost both my toenails. But this is awesome.
I got referred by my DPM Dr Larkin to Trish, and I am thrilled to have toenails again!

 by Olga Hernandez
What kind of service: pedicure

I booked a deluxe pedicure and was so impressed! Was super relaxed afterwards.

Trish made me feel relaxed and was considerate when I told her my painful joins.

Definitely will be back. Thank you!

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