Before & After and everything in between



Diabetic patient feet before his waterless pedicure

And after his Waterless LCN Advanced Pedicure. Almost as good as new 🙂

Lymphedema patient had her skin like this

Her dermatologist and podiatrist cleared her for the advanced LCN Deluxe Pedicure.

And this was her skin after 2 weeks after one treatment.

The LCN Urea products made her skin take up her steroid cremes much better. And after a long time of not having any result her skin cleared up. This is NOT a cure but it sure helps it looking better. And helped with her medical treatment.

Damaged ( not fungal) toenail

This is a damaged toenail. No fungus and cleared to work on by my own physician.

LCN Toenail reconstruct

Here the stages of reconstructing a new temporary toenail with LCN flexi gel

The end result

Beautiful tootsie toesies! For about 4 months. You can get normal pedicures in the meantime and fill the "outgrow" if you need or want.

A nice manicure is beautiful

This are my own nails after taking the old set off. Wearing artificial nails for more then 30 years. Taking Acrylic or gel nails off the right way, wont damage your natural nails. Breaking, picking and ripping off does!

But some long marble design nails too!

But i couldn't resist...a new set again.

Give me some blue!

Red and chrome always a winner

Shiny and flashy glitters

Fall in love with this color the moment i saw it.



Relaxing during the pedicure service....awesome!