A whole new ball game.

Approx. 6 weeks since my move into my suite at the podiatrist center.

People do get lucky and in my case I realize how lucky I am.

After working at the Stratosphere and learning more about working in the US I moved to Adah’s Hair Castle were i was quit content.

I only wanted to learn more and reach at least the same level in education and skills before my move to the US.

I grabbed any education I could get my hands on, that suited in my already busy schedule. And the best one was the last one, Medinail Learning Center.

When you graduate the written test, you have to do an internship at a podiatrist ( office ). And the search was on shortly after I graduated. I discovered that it maybe wasn’t that easy to get into an office by a podiatrist. The state of Nevada didn’t have one medical nail technician of this school and so no podiatrist knew what I was trying to achieve. Or could be of any value for them.

But I was lucky after a couple of visits to find Desert Podiatry and Larkin Foot & Ankle Institute. DPM R Grzywacz had good experience with the European pedicurists and was happy to give me the chance to do my internship at his office.


Long story, short. He asked me to stay and offered to empty the storage and lunch room and make it into a suite I which could rent.

Being here at this point in my life is incredible and still hard to believe. A bit unreal.

A new begin and future. With the big difference that I feel much more appreciated and a member of a team.

A very nice, skilled and enjoyable team. We work together or separately. The clients and patients can have the benefits of being by me and going to the podiatrist in seconds when I think they should. And the other way around. People go to the podiatrists and get the rest of a nice relaxing pedicure by me.


I am busier than before and developed my own pedicures and services. Picked up my under leg and foot massage for patients from the doctors and with great beneficial results for them. And I love it!

Nothing more satisfying and feeling happy when a team and clients appreciate you.

One of my long term goals was doing what I am doing now..I skipped 3 years. The time I had given myself to reach the point were I am now.

There are some points left to do 😉

But that will happen in time. I am working on my CCPMA certification (podiatrist assistant) and try to learn here at the office everything I can. And both doctors are happy to share their knowledge with me.


I am settling down for now. And want to give my clients the best service there is…spoil them and make them feel GOOD!

Got some nice addition to my services which will be a treat for them…surprise surprise.. I wont tell till I am ready.

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