Your first visit

Your first time at "LAS VEGAS MEDI PEDI".

Our office was first located inside the podiatrist office and therefor our hand and foot care system could be different from any other salon you went too before. Now we have our own main location at 2700 E Sunset rd ste 33, Las Vegas.

First of all we exceed the safety Cosmetology board standards.  Licensed as Nail Technician in Nevada. And have extended education from:

Medical Nail Technician (MNT), Advanced Nail Technician (M-ANT) 

Hand and Foot care education ( Pedicurist from Holland since 1988)

This doesn’t mean that we can work outside our scope. But that we recognize ( NOT diagnose) when there are abnormalities. And will refer/advice you to our (or your own) podiatrist. When he/she  clears you safe for us to perform on you, we will provide the service you asked for. Again this only in the rare situation when there are reasons to refer you. We also are proud that podiatrists refer to us.

This is why some services, techniques, tools, and products will be different from a regular salon. Everything to meet and exceed your and our safety and health regulations.

With every service appointment we exam your hand or feet. For new clients we do an intake with a health questionnaire. And every visit we have a short chat to update that information, if needed.

We glove up, sanitize, disinfect and sterilize. The implements and all other tools go after your service in an autoclave and disposable items you can take home with you or been thrown away. Think of files, left over creams, buffers etc.

It is all yours to take home because the next time you come in you get your own sterile pouch with items again for your new service.

Creating our services this way doesn’t mean that you come into a hospital kinda place. The pedicure center is a relaxing environment were you just unwind, read a bit, or we have a nice chat while you get your service performed. You can bring your own beverage but we can provide you with and excellent coffee, tea or infused water. Yes, you even can take a nice nap while your hand and feet, skin rejuvenate from daily life!

We created our center to be safe, sterile, but also a relaxing place you come to with a smile.

This is how we want to perform our services for our clients. And hope we made them feel relaxed and taken care of when they leave our establishment.

Dont forget to bring your flip flops!


  • You booked (ONLINE OR BY PHONE) your (first) visit.
  • Coming in our center we will ask you to fill in a health questionnaire. 
  • When it is your turn you get a brief foot/ hand exam.
  • Service get provided
  • After the service we re-book you for the next time ( if desired or needed).

Health questionnaire

You can print out this Health questionnaire and bring it with you when you visit our center. Or you will be hand out one when you arrive at your first visit.


Everything on the health questionnaire are private and we will handle with the outmost security.

The reason we need your health history is to make sure you get the right service. Think for example that diabetic people are more in danger for infections. Or people with Neuropathy that have less feeling, wont feel how hot the towels are.

Your phone number and email will stay private, and only for us to use to update you about your (upcoming) service and for monthly discounts and promotions.