Nail Repair / Corrections

Our specialty is toenail repair and reconstructions.

Beautiful ToeNails is Possible.

When the weather get warmer and the it is time to put the flip flops on, who doesn't want to have some nice nails with polish on them?

The toenail reconstruction can be performed on damaged nails, broken en brittle nails, when you had a partial removed toenail etc. As long as it is infection free. In doubt you will need to see a podiatrist first to give a clearance. But the foot/nail exams are a free service. And if in the rare case, there is an abnormality that requires you to see a podiatrist there will be no costs.

The toenail stays on from 14 days to 6 months ( depends on your own level of damaged nail and how much the gel can use as a base to hold on to)
Its clean, nice, painless and fast.
Every month you come in to do a "fill" and a check up.
Toenail reconstructions and repairs are done with special products like Gehwol Repair Gel and Kery flex ( only available in podiatry offices).

Costs for this service is $99.00 per foot

You can get normal pedicures with this artificial nail.. Polish it file it as it grows out.
The reconstructed toenail looks normal and doesn't feel strange