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Foot Care Services

All pedicure services are starting with a foot exam and health questionnaire. This to determine which pedicure suit the best for your circumstances. And if anything changed in your health situation since your last visit.
Because of customers with a higher risk of infections I perform also water-less pedicures. No nipping or water means a 90% risk reduction for infections!
Still the water-less pedicure is a very soothing and relaxing experience. And even preferred by customers who dont have any health issues.
Never had a water-less pedicure? Try it, your feet will be happy.

Signature Gehwol Med Pedicure................................................. ± 90 minutes $85

This is a relaxing pedicure which includes total foot-care, skin-care and nail-care. It is a "Safe Pedicure" so suitable for everybody.
This pedicure focuses on all the basic and so much needed (natural) care of our feet.

Service includes:
Foot exam and intake.
Herbal Foot Bath or Herbal hot towels
Callus softener foam
Herbal Lotion
Soft Feet scrub
Salve for cracked skin or Callus Cream
Nail softener
Protective Nail & Skin Oil ( for fungal infections)
Leg Vitality or Soft feet Lotion
Emulsion ( massage cream)
Lipidro Cream
Foot and Shoe deodorant
Foot Powder
Warming boots


* Gehwol Medically Safe (Classic) Pedicure ±60 minutes $65.00
A Soak-less Pedicure minimizes the danger of infections but is still very relaxing. Feet get wrapped in hot towels ( replaces the foot bath) that are warm and damp and infused with essential oils/creams/herbal lotion.

This is why this pedicure is suitable for everybody.
People who suffer from immune diseases, or are diabetic, take blood thinners, have nail disorders or any other kind of abnormalities can still get a medical safe pedicure.

Optional: For clients without health risks there is our (Belava) bowl foot soak with in-liners.

Service includes: Removing of gel or polish, trimming, shaping, buffing and conditioning of the nails, cuticle care, callus debridement, moisturizing and mini massage with oils and creams, polish ( optional)


Gehwol Soft Feet Pedicure.........................±90 minutes $125.00

Removing of gel or polish from your service before ( if needed).
Trimming, shaping, buffing and conditioning of the nails, cuticle care, callus debridement, moisturizing with oils and creams with the relaxing foot massage.
Finished off with a (gel)polish ( if desired)

Plus thinning out of damaged and thickened toenails and callus treatment.

Effects of product
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Pedicure has a gentle caring base,
containing vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids.

Special deep acting hyaluron is absorbed by the skin, support-
ing its regeneration and strengthening the skin's own defens-
es. In combination with urea, hyaluron binds moisture in deep-
er skin layers and prevents callus formation.