Hand Care Services

To achieve the highest standard of quality, safety, healthy and relaxing environment, we choose NOT to work with regular monomer which is needed for harden acrylic powder. We do work with hard gel and one of our manicurist works with odour-less monomer and acrylic powder. And focus on natural hand and foot care in general. This way it is not only more friendlier for your hands, feet and nails but also for the staff, customers and our self of this center. We wanted to create a fumes free environment that is relaxing and healthy for all of us. Your and our lungs will be forever thankful.
Hard gel is to make an overlay on natural nails to make them stronger and hold longer or to make nails like a full set of nails. Hard gel can NOT be soaked off. It is a crossed linked element and has to be filed off or grow off. Like acrylic nails! If hard gel is correctly applied it will grow along with your natural nail and you will need fills every 2 to 3 weeks to not see the “outgrow and lifting of the nails. Hard gel get applied and “cured” in a UV/LED lamp.

Gel polish is what is called a soft gel. It also “cures” in a UV/LED lamp but it can be soaked off!
This means on natural nails the gel polish get carefully filed to remove the top layer and soaked to remove the rest of the polish. A service of ±25 minutes to keep your nails in a good condition.
Gel polish on hard gel nails get filed off. This because the hard gel barrier between the polish and the natural nail.

Now at Las Vegas Medi Pedi we promote to go as natural as possible. So we promote our signature services with a polish that is called Dazzle Dry. Some of our pedicurists and manicurists are working with all applications ( acrylic/gel/regular polish or natural) others, choose for what suited them most, or what they are skilled in. The bookings button will always bring you to the right service provider for your needs and wishes.

This 2019 award winning Dazzle Dry polish, dries in 5 minutes rock hard, is cruelty free, has a long wear from anywhere between 7 to 14 days ( but we have clients that go easy for 3 to 4 weeks). Since this is a normal polish, you can take it off yourself with acetone if you want to. It creates a gel finishing look, but it is not a gel. So no UV light involved. Award-winning nail care. Nontoxic. Hypoallergenic. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. 9-Free. Over 200 long-lasting, quick-drying colors.

After a year working with this brand a lot of LVMP clients switched to these beautiful colors and the ease it brings them


Signature Gehwol Herbal Refresh Manicure ( no polish): Duration approx. 30 min………………………….$50.00

Transforms your hands back to their youthful glow. 


*A herbal bath which contains Lavender, Rosemary and mountain pine, dedicated care for nail and cuticles. *Application of “Nail Care” for healing, conditioning of normal or cracked and brittle nails. 

*Cuticle Care, removing excess skin.

*Nail Care, Shaping Trimming and buffing

*Plus a soothing, protective and moisturizing hand massage with Gehwol hand cream.


Classic Dry Manicure (polishing incl.): Duration approx. 60 min. ……………………….$65.00


*Cuticle care, removing and smoothing of excess dead skin.

*Nail care, trimming and shaping of the nails

*Skin care, moisturizing of the hands

*Finishing off with buffing for a shine and when desired a (gel) polish.


Gehwol Med Manicure ( no polish): Duration approx. 60 min……………………………….$65.00


*Herbal Bath, soften refreshed hardened skin

*Nail care, trimming, shaping and buffing ( to a shine)

*Nail repair, protective nail & skin oil for healing and conditioning.

*Skin care Herbal lotion, Scrub and Hydrolipid cream for moisturizing. 

*Plus massaging the Gehwol handcream for healing and protecting the skin.

More info about artificial nails soon! But we do have several services available.